eastely™ dermablade
eastely™ dermablade

eastely™ dermablade

"My go to tool for exfoliation now, it is much gentler than traditional scrubbers and peels" - Toni S., USA
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Enjoy professional level treatment in minutes at home for a fraction of the cost.
  • eliminates blackheads and whiteheads
  • clinical-grade ultrasonic technology
  • removes excess oil, dirt and dead skin

gentle on skin, tough on impurities

The eastely™ dermablade uses ultrasonic vibrational technology to gently open your pores to lift away excess oil, dirt and dead skin. Revitalize your skin with this excellent exfoliator for improved skin texture, tone and radiance.

Perfect for people who find most scrubs, brushes and chemical peels to be too harsh.

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1. Rinse your face and make sure to leave it wet.

2. Turn the device on and set it to the "cleansing" or "ion+" setting. The ion+ setting is used for a deeper exfoliation.

3. Glide the device at a 45-degree angle in straight-line motions along the areas you would like to exfoliate for about 5 minutes.

4. Dry your face

5. This is an optional step, but after exfoliation you can switch the device to the "ion-" mode and apply any cream or serum to the blade and begin to apply it to your face for greater absorption.

The dermablade uses 25,000 hz of ultrasonic vibration to open pores and gently lift away excess oil, dirt and dead skin while also removing whiteheads and blackheads.

To clean the device, use a soft, slightly damp, and lint-free cloth with water or rubbing alcohol to clean your device after every treatment. Do not immerse the device in water.

Gentle gliding is enough to get the job done. Most of the work is accomplished by the ultrasonic technology, therefore you don't need to be jamming it into your skin!